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A few years ago i was working very hard, about 14-16hours a day. And i had no time to eat. I was eating once a day, at night, at 11-12pm, when i got home. So, i started to have problems with my weight: i was getting fat!!! And it started to be harder to move around. Tired, hungry, dizzy, plus a few more problems i knew about - i went to a doctor. And she told me to follow a diet, to lose weight. So i did. What can i say? In 2 months i ate more than i eat in those past 2 years. And i lost about 30 pounds. I couldn't believe it. If i would hear that, i wouldn't believe it, but it happened to me. Here, i will tell you what that doctor prescribed to me:

-food that i could eat:
     -lean meat: chicken breast, white fish, lean ham or bacon, lean beef, boiled, grilled, fried, w/o adding any grease
     -liver, kidney, twice a month (if you eat that!!!)
     -3 eggs/week
     -any vegetables (they have to be at least half of what you eat for breakfast,  lunch or dinner, doesn't matter if they are row or cooked)               
     -fruits - not as a dessert, but as a snack, 2 hours after and 2 hours before you   eat your meals
     -bread - 2 slices/day, before 10am, with your breakfast
     -rice, semolina, pasta, peas, lentil, beans, corn, fava,  chick pea only for breakfast or for lunch
     -fresh milk, yoghurt,  fresh ricotta (not salted), cottage cheese, home made unsalted cheese
     -all the condiments and herbs, but salt. the salt is forbidden!!!

-forbidden food:
     -fat meat, pork, smoked meat, salami, sausages, hunted birds or animals
     -fermented cheeses: hard cheese, feta cheese, camembert, roquefort etc
     -walnuts, hazelnut, peanuts, pistachio, sunflower seeds
     -very sweet fruits: grapes, pears, bergamots, plums
     -pastry - any kind
     -any kind of grease: oil, butter, lard, margarine, sour cream, any cream (light or heavy, doesn't matter)
     -any kind of drinks like cola, pepsi and other similar drinks
     -creams and sauces with butter, egg yolk, oil. 

Now, lets see how we eat daily:
-breakfast (between 8am-10am):
      -lean ham, bacon
      -cheese that it is allowed
              plus VEGETABLES
              plus 2 slices of bread in the first 6 weeks. 

-lunch (2pm):
       -rice, pasta, beans, polenta, corn, peas etc
       -meat that is allowed or cheese that is allowed or eggs
              plus VEGETABLES  (salads, pickles, tomatoes etc)
-dinner (8pm):
       -white lean meat(chicken, fish, turkey)
       -cheese that is allowed
               plus VEGETABLES (cooked or row, doesn't matter)

ALWAYS, the vegetables on your plate must be at least half of your food. Between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner, you can eat fruits, never as a dessert, always as a snack, 2 hours after your meal.
You have to drink at least 1/2 gallon of liquids/day: water, coffee, tea. Don't sweeten them. Use lemon. 
I don't tell anybody to follow this diet, i just let you know about my experience. I followed many diets in my life, i lost 10 pounds and i gained 20, i didn't know what to do anymore. Until i spoke with this doctor and she explained to me how wrong i was eating. So, it is important to eat correct, not to eat less, in order to lose weight.


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