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This is gonna be my first recipe on my blog!!!!! I'm happy!!!! My husband, Chris, says there is always a first time for everything. Maybe he's right. 6 months back i was not dreaming about having a blog.
Anyway, lets go back to the recipe.


   the tart:
-4 eggs
-4 tbs sugar
-4 tbs flour
-vanilla sugar or vanilla essence

   the cream:
-2 cups milk
-4 tbs sugar
-2 tbs flour
-2 eggs
-4tbs butter
-vanilla essence

- or whatever you like

   To make the tart, you separate the egg yolks and the whites. Beat up the whites until you get a firm consistency.
   Beat up the egg yolks with sugar until they change the color to a light yellow. Add half of the whites, mix with a spoon and add the rest of the whites. Add the flour in two batches. Don't forget the vanilla.
   Pour the dough into a baking pan for tarts and bake at 350F until the toot-pick come out clean when you test the tart. Flip it over.
   For the cream, mix together eggs, sugar, flour and pour in the milk. Boil it on low fire until it thickens up. Let it cool of for a minute, add in the vanilla (sugar or essence) and the butter, one spoon at a time. Let it cool of completely.

When the tart is baked and the cream is cold, pour the cream over the tart and arrange the fruits in top of the tart, as nice as you can. Here, the sky is the limit.
This is how mine looks like:

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