marți, 14 iunie 2011


Yesterday i had the first harvest ever: my first zucchini!!!! 9 pieces!!! Wonderful zucchini!!! I was so happy. Today i used them and made the best zucchini soup and fried zucchini-cakes. I'll post the recipes, maybe they inspire somebody.

Zucchini soup:
1 anion
1 carrot
1 pepper
2 big zucchini
2 smaller tomatoes
2 liters water (1/2 gallon)
salt, pepper
olive oil
4 egg yolks
1/2-1 pound sour cream
1/2 lemon
Cut the anion in small pieces and shred the carrot. Heat up the olive oil, add the anion and the carrot and steer for 3-4 minutes. Add the water. Cut the zucchini in 1/2-1 inch pieces, cut the pepper in strips. When the water is boiling, add the zucchini and the pepper. Boil for about 20-30 minutes and add the tomatoes, cut in small pieces. Add salt and pepper. Add the juice of 1/2 lemon. Mix the sour cream with egg yolks, add some liquid from the pot to warm it up. Add it in the soup. Remove the pot from stove, add the dill cut very fine and let it rest for a few minutes. Enjoy it!!!!

Fried zucchini-cakes:
2 zucchini
1 big potato
shredded cheese (as much as you want, i used about 1/2 cup)
3 eggs
2-3 tablespoons breadcrumbs
olive oil
Shred the zucchini, salt them and let them into a strainer for 1/2 hour. Squeeze out all the liquid. Shred the potato and squeeze it out. Add it to the zucchini, add the shredded cheese too. Add eggs, breadcrumbs and chopped dill. Mix them very well. Warm up a few tablespoons of olive oil into a pan and with a spoon add the zucchini batter and form small cakes. Fry them until golden, turn them on the other side and fry again. Take them out on a paper towel. Delicious!!!!

duminică, 12 iunie 2011


I got another batch of chickens, 40 meaties. Now i regret i didn't order 60, but i'll buy more at the end of august, so doesn't matter too much. I think next month, july, i'll buy the turkeys and the guineas. And i'll process the first ducks (30) and the few meaties (9) i have now.
ETA: I've got my 20 more chickies. The guy that sells them is a friend of us and he brought them at home. Now i'm happy.

duminică, 5 iunie 2011


First of all, hello to everybody. I didn't post for a while, i was way too busy. The work started on the fields, at home i have the chickens and the ducks and the garden, of course. I still cannot upload pictures. My daughter sent a card reader to me, but it is not working and it is brand new (i wish i had a few emoticons here to explain better how do i feel). So, i'm still not able to post pictures yet. And i have thousands of pictures. I would like to show you my garden, where i planted 177 tomato plants, 130 pepper plants, cabbage, eggplants, anion, zucchini, watermelon, melon, raspberry tree, bilberry, white gooseberry, blackberry, carrots, radishes, and other that i don't remember now. I would like to show you my chickens and my ducks, which grew up so fast!!!! Man, the ducklings are not ducklings anymore and they are not one month old yet!!!! I still love them so much. I love ducks, what can i say? Probably that's why i bought 40 more yesterday. They're adorable!!! My target for this year is 100 ducks and 200 chickens. I would love to get a few turkeys too (about 10) and some geese and some guineas. We'll see. I know they mean a lot of work and i'm exhausted already. I spent the last 2 days whit my chickens because they are sick. They've got coccidiosis and i lost about 20 of them in the last 2 days. I hope i saved the rest of them. Interesting, only the layers were affected, the meaties are fine. I'll let you know what happened farther.