miercuri, 2 martie 2011

No-knead bread

Since i found this recipe on internet, i am pleased with the bread i make.

6 cups all-purpose flour (we don't have so many types of flour here, i just go with the wheat at mill and they make flour that i use for everything: bread, cakes, cookies etc), or whatever flour you use for bread
3 cups water (or 1.5cups water+1.5cups milk)
2 ts salt
2 ts sugar
25-30g of fresh yeast or 10g of dry yeast
corn meal or breadcrumbs
sesame seeds
poppy seeds
Mix the flour with salt. Warm up the water. Mix the yeast with sugar and 1/2 cup of water and mix until the yeast dissolve. Pour the yeast mix into the flour. Start to add warm water until you get a kind of runny dough. Let it raise for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours (until it doubles the volume). Grease a pan with oil and spread it with cornflour or breadcrumbs. Remove the extras. When the dough had raise, pour it in the baking pan. Pour oil in top of the bread and spread it all over. Spread sesame seeds, dry rosemary and thyme and poppy seeds in top of the bread. Cook it just how you cook every other bread you make (15 minutes at higher temperature, and just a little bit lower until the bread get a nice color in top and is sound like empty if you turn it up-side down and knock it with your fingers like you knock to a door).
Tip: don't use all the water at once, because the quantity of water depence on the quality of the flour you use. I don't cover my bread when i bake it.

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