miercuri, 2 martie 2011

Hello and welcome to my blog!!!!!!

My name is Jenny. I'm from Romania.
I made this blog because i went to so many blogs and i got so many informations that i think it is not fair to not give something back. So, i hope you will come visit here and find what you're looking for. The blog it is gonna be about gardening and cooking. Because the weather is cold and is still snowing here, i will start with what i love most: cooking and baking. In the spring i will post about gardening, because i'll try to produce everything we need in the house. It's gonna be my first year of gardening and probably i'll make mistakes too, but it is ok, this will be the price of learning. I will buy birds too, chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, turkeys. With them i have some experience already. Anyway, i count on you, my readers, to come here and share your experience and i will appreciate any advice you'll give me.
Also, i tell you from now, i'm not an english speaker and i will make many, many mistakes, as i learned this language using a dictionary. I hope you won't mind too much.
Thank you for you visit and i hope you will come back often.

6 comentarii:

  1. Good Luck with everything... You can do it :)

  2. thank you very much.
    and thank you for being the first to post a comment on my blog.

  3. Good luck!
    I can't wait to see what you do with your garden this year.

  4. thank you, dana. i would be happy to produce a little from every kind of vegetables i will plant (except the tomatoes, i want a lot of them).

  5. Congrats on starting your own blog! I have been having fun writing mine. I have seen some of your recipes on BYC and they look great. Looking forward to reading your blog on a regular basis. Check mine out too. http://mountaingardengleanings.blogspot.com/ It seems we like alot of the same things.

  6. Thank you, Joan. As you see, i just started this blog and i don't know yet how to build it. Now i organize my recipes, i have to translate them and i'll be back with more recipes in a few days.
    I visited your blog, Lulu is such a character!!! I'll be back, for sure.