miercuri, 27 aprilie 2011

I'm BAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!

Hello, everybody!!!!!

I'm so glad to be back!!! I missed my blog, i missed you all and i missed reading your blogs too. My daughter came to visit for easter and she brought another computer to me. It is an older one, it doesn't have a card reader, but i hope i'll buy one soon, so i'll post pictures. Because i have pictures to post, you know? I have good news to share too. We just bought a house in the village, we are moving right now, we're very busy. And today i bought chickens!!! 60!!! OMG, i love them!!! They're so cute. I took pictures and i'll take more. I'll post them as soon as i get a card reader. I'll be back with recipes too. And with pictures from garden too. I won't plant all the seeds i bought tho, because the ex-owner planted already most of the land and i don't want to destroy her plants. So, i don't have too much land left for myself this year. No problem, i'll survive...
I'm very glad to be back at home!!!