marți, 10 mai 2011


Today i took the babies out. Until today i kept them inside, but the chickens are growing fast and the cages are getting smaller. And the ducks? They are really crowded into a small cage where i have to put food and water too. So, even if they are so young (the chicks will be 2 weeks old tomorrow and and ducks are only 3-4 days old), i took them on the backyard and let them free. Man, they enjoyed it!!!! They were running, they were flying, they were jumping, they were dust-bathing!!!! I took a thousand pictures (Anitaaaaaa, send the card-reader!!! Hahaha, i will call her to tell her to read my blog). Now they are back inside, in our room. Geeee, when i brought them in, they just fell like the soldiers on the war: dead. They were tired (as i am). After they took a nap they ate like they never did before. And they drink a lot of water too. But i see that they are not so noisy anymore. Still tired, i guess. I'll take them out every day from now on and i bring them in at night. I hope we'll move to the new house this week and i can let the chickens into a coop at night (make room for more babies, because the store brought something different, not what i ordered and i have only 10 meaties now and i need more).

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