miercuri, 27 aprilie 2011

I'm BAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!

Hello, everybody!!!!!

I'm so glad to be back!!! I missed my blog, i missed you all and i missed reading your blogs too. My daughter came to visit for easter and she brought another computer to me. It is an older one, it doesn't have a card reader, but i hope i'll buy one soon, so i'll post pictures. Because i have pictures to post, you know? I have good news to share too. We just bought a house in the village, we are moving right now, we're very busy. And today i bought chickens!!! 60!!! OMG, i love them!!! They're so cute. I took pictures and i'll take more. I'll post them as soon as i get a card reader. I'll be back with recipes too. And with pictures from garden too. I won't plant all the seeds i bought tho, because the ex-owner planted already most of the land and i don't want to destroy her plants. So, i don't have too much land left for myself this year. No problem, i'll survive...
I'm very glad to be back at home!!!

3 comentarii:

  1. Welcome back. I'll be lookin for chicken picks... 60! Congratulations :)

  2. Welcome back! Great news! Chickens and a house! Congrats!

  3. Jennifer and Joan, thank you very much. I'm very exited about both of them, chickens and house. We have to move our stuff ourself, so it's gonna take some time, but i'll be back with pictures. I'm waiting for my daughter's boyfriend to get my pictures back from the broken laptop too. I have over 200 recipes with pictures there.